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Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning Fall 2022 Registration is open!

The Birds Are Back in Town with Naturalists (Steve French, Caroline Nowak, & Doug Lowry) from the Mass Audubon

Wednesdays 8:30 am - 10:00 am (6 Sessions) September 28, October 5, 12, 19, 26, November 2

Join the Marshfield COA Lifelong Learners as we explore the world of returning fall and winter birds. This program will include a combination of presentations and field walks that focus on bird identification as well as information about the habitats in which they are found. The field walks will take place in coastal, wooded and grassland habitats in the Marshfield/Duxbury area including Cherry Hill and Webster's Wilderness. Binoculars will be available at each walk if you need to borrow a pair.  In addition, the program will cover the basics of bird feeding that includes types of feeders, food preferences and the bird species most likely to seen at local feeders during the winter months. We will spend some time observing the feeders at Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary to learn firsthand about bird behavior. Following this we will walk the sanctuary looking for grassland birds and wintering hawks. Classes in various locations outside of the Senior Center. Cost $35 @ The Senior Center  Limit 24  

The Life and Times of Paul Gallico (1897-1976) with Beth Cameron-Kilbridge

Fridays 10:30 am – 12:00 pm (6 Sessions) September 30, October 7, 14, 21, 28, November 4

Instructor Beth Cameron-Kilbridge takes a deep dive into topics and in this class will explore the world of a complex man, Paul Gallico; sports writer (fought Jack Dempsey), active service in WWI and WWII, covered Hitler's Berlin Olympics, Fencing master, married two Baronesses, cat fancier, travel writer, author of fiction and nonfiction with a number of his books made into films including: The Snow Goose, Lou Gehrig: Pride of the Yankees, Thomasina, The Poseidon Adventure, Lilli, and most recently Mrs. 'Arris Goes to Paris.  Cost $30 @ The Senior Center                         

The New Yorker Conversations with Michael Bradley

Mondays 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm (6 sessions) October 3, 17, 24, 31, November 7, 14

Participants will explore issues in today’s world using articles from The New Yorker magazine. Three articles chosen by the facilitator will be discussed in each class. Participants will have one week to read the articles.  Access to The New Yorker is the only prerequisite – you can get it online or contact your local library as options. Bring your opinions and an open mind. Cost $30 @ The Senior Center  Limit 20 

The 3 “B’s” of Classical Music — Bach, Beethoven and Brahms with Larry King

Tuesdays 10:00 am - 11:30 am (6 sessions) October 4, 11, 18, 25, November 1, 8

Larry King will bring his knowledge of music to explore the stature of these three composers. They will come alive in a course about the “Founding Fathers” of today’s classical music.  Bach gave it foundation, Beethoven revolutionized it and Brahms expanded on it.  Their music continues to be performed, recorded, studied and appreciated in our lifetime.  Exploring the personalities, life and times of The Three B’s brings a fresh perspective and deeper appreciation of classical music. The course will cover: The Late Baroque, Bach, William Shakespeare and Isaac Newton; Bach’s Musical Legacy; Beethoven in the Shadow of Haydn and Mozart; Beethoven the Revolutionary; Brahms in the Shadow of Beethoven; Brahms Backward and Forward. Cost $30 @ The Senior Center  

The Cuban Missile Crisis with John Sullivan

Tuesdays 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm (6 Sessions) October 4, 11, 18, 25, November 1, 8

Dr. John Sullivan will present events leading to the ultimate crisis: JFK and the Cuban Crisis. This six week course will examine in detail the thirteen days in which the world was on the brink of nuclear war. Participants will use primary sources both written and visual. Topics that will be discussed:  1. Khrushchev's reasons / Discovery of the missiles, 2. Threat to the United States, 3. Weighing the options, 4.The Showdown, 5. Negotiations and 6. Aftermath. Cost $30 @ The Senior Center

 Spanish for Beginners with Cathy Spiegel

Wednesdays 9:00 am - 10:00 am (6 sessions) October 12, 19, 26, November 2, 9, 16

Are you interested in trying a new language? Ever wanted learn some Spanish?  Here is a Spanish class for absolute beginners. Join us for this introduction to Spanish with Cathy Spiegal, who lived in Mexico for years and is a fluent speaker with a passion for sharing the language and the heritage of Mexico. Cost $30 @ The Senior Center  Limit 20

iPhone Photography with Robin Billing

Thursdays 10:30 am - 11:30 am (5 sessions) October 13, 20, 27, November 3, 10

Would you like to increase your digital photography skills and develop greater confidence with iPhone technology?  Then, this is the class for you!  In this hands-on class, with instructor Robin Billing, you will learn to: use your camera to take pictures and videos using a variety of settings, edit your photo collection using the Photos app, and create personalized albums.  Learn how to use features on your iPhone to enhance your daily life.  Cost $25 @ The Senior Center Limit 12

Introduction to Astrology with Regina Hamilton

Thursdays 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm (6 sessions) October 13, 20, 27, November 3, 10, 17

Astrology is the study of the relationship between the planets (and other celestial bodies) in the heavens and life here on earth. The word astrology comes from the Greek words for ‘star’ and ‘word' so the literal translation of astrology is the language of the stars. It is a language and practice that has developed over thousands of years by numerous cultures around the world. Astrology is an ancient tool for understanding yourself in the modern world. In this introduction to Astrology you will learn the philosophy behind astrology, what it is and how it can be a wonderful tool and guidance system for your life. We will begin with the basic building blocks - the symbols and meanings of the 12 astrological signs and the planets. Then we will explore the astrology chart and its components - the map representing the sky. After the basics, we’ll learn how the signs and planets are integrated and interact within the astrology chart. This is where it gets personal - reflecting our unique Blueprint - our individual energies, gifts, challenges and life path. The instructor, Regina Hamilton, grew up with astrology and has always been inspired by the stars. She is an astrologer with her head in the heavens and her feet on the ground…helping to empower people by giving them cosmic insight to their life experiences and soul story while providing practical guidance and navigational tools for their journey. “The stars may guide but YOU decide!” is her mantra and her mission. With over 30 years of experience, she counsels and teaches that astrology offers a deeper understanding and higher perspective that connects us with our own "star power." There will be hand-outs for each class. Please be prepared to take notes and bring your curiosity. Cost $30 @ The Senior Center Limit 20.

Local Field Trips in October

The New Bedford Whaling Museum - Cost $40 Limit 13
Thursday, October 13th bus leaves the Senior Center at 9:30 am

Come and discover the underwater world of whales, the dramatic story of whaling and its impact, and the art, history, science, and culture of South coast Massachusetts.  The museum is located in the heart of New Bedford National Historical Park.  Marvel at 5 massive whale skeletons and the world’s largest ship model (Lagoda).  Explore whale science and conservation, learn how Yankee whalers sailed the seven seas, and enjoy works by internationally known artists as well as regional rising stars. There will be a tour and time on your own to explore. The bus will leave the Senior Center at 9:30 am and return to the Senior Center in the afternoon around 3:30 pm. There will be a lunch stop after the museum (lunch is not included in the cost of the trip).  Masks are required at this time in the museum for all visitors. 

The Peabody Essex Museum - Cost is $40 Limit 13
Thursday, October 20th bus leaves the Senior Center at 9:00 am

Have you ever considered a museum’s collection an invitation to investigate your own relationship to creativity?  The PEM collection offers outstanding works, primarily from the 1700s to today.  The African, American, Asian, Maritime, Native American, and Oceanic art emphasizes the lively conversation that occurs through creativity across time, place, and culture. It is an outstanding museum. Bus will leave from the Senior Center promptly at 9:00 am.  Lunch will be in the Atrium Café in the museum at your leisure (cost of lunch is not included).

The USS Constitution Museum in Charlestown - Cost is $40 Limit 13
Thursday, October 27th bus leaves the Senior Center at 9:30 am

Located in the Charlestown Navy Yard, across from “Old Ironsides” the museum preserves, displays, archival material related to the Ship and her crew.  It features a variety of interactive exhibits that chronicle the 200 year career of this iconic warship.  This “floating” museum also serves as the memory and educational voice of “Old Ironsides” Come see why the USS Constitution Museum is one of the most popular tours in Boston.  There will be a self-guided tour of the museum and time to explore the USS Constitution itself!  Lunch reservation will be made at a local area restaurant (the cost of lunch is not included )