Ever Growing - Never Old

Community Outreach

Marshfield COA Social Services

With funding from the Executive Office of Elder Affairs, the Council on Aging makes an active effort to locate elders, assess their needs and connect these persons with services where appropriate. Social service workers are available during normal business hours, Monday through Friday 8:30 am-4:30 pm. Please call the Senior Center at 781-834-5581 to make an appointment.

Safety Assurance Call

Sponsored by the Plymouth County, Safety Assurance Call is a computerized telephone system that places a call to a participant at a pre-arranged time each day. Calls are received between 6 am and noon.  Safety Assurance assists people in maintaining an INDEPENDENT LIFESTYLE. Whether living alone, managing with a disability or injury, this added support system can enhance security and improve quality of life at home.  This is a FREE service with no monthly fees, equipment requirements or special codes to remember. Calls can be received on a home phone or cell phone. The program is available to anybody living in Plymouth County. The call comes in the morning at a time that indicate by the recipient. If away for an extended period of time or just for a day, call the 24-hour number 1-800-622-4300 and alert the SAFETY ASSURANCE office to those plans. To enroll, call 508-830-6256 and fill out our application and release HERE. Applications are also available at the Council on Aging.

Friendly Visitor/Caller Program

The Marshfield COA has established a friendly visitor/caller program. Elders that would like a visit or call from a volunteer are encouraged to call the Senior Center at 781-834-5581 and speak with the Project Coordinator for Volunteers at ext. 2120. Visits or calls provide the senior the opportunity to connect with another individual.  

Volunteer Shopping and Medication Pick-Up Assistance

The Project Coordinator for Volunteers will assign a shopper to those that need food shopping assistance. We can assign a regular volunteer or on as needed basis.


TRIAD is a community policing initiative between volunteer seniors, local law enforcement and local service providers. The primary goal of TRIAD is to increase senior safety through education and crime prevention.  Meetings are held monthly at the Senior Center and all are welcome to attend. Presentations consiste of a wide array of programs on crime prevention, safety, health and wellness.